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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy for children aims to provide assessments and treatments to children with a developmental delay in their ability to perform daily functional activities independently. 

Occupational therapists provide intervention and/or strategies to the child and their family for both home and school environments to overcome challenges. This means working on skills such as fine and gross motor skills, self-care tasks, attention and sensory processing skills to promote independence in activities. 

Areas of concern:

  • Self-care tasks (including change clothes, maintain personal hygiene)

  • Gross motor skills (including running, biking, jumping, swimming and ball skills)

  • Fine motor skills (including handwriting, colouring, and use of utensils, scissors and toiletries)

  • Visual perception for reading, writing, math calculation and finding items

  • Paying attention and concentration

  • Emotional regulation

  • Sensitivity and defensiveness

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