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Rehabilitation Treatment Service

Rehabilitation treatments are unique and tailormade for the individual in need and focus to improve the the diseases and disabilities they suffer from. It aims to return a patient back to a normal, healthy condition, whether it is following an illness, injury, surgery or certain disorders.

Rehabilitation services range from physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy and their services cover all specialties in medical and surgical fields.

We specialize in providing comprehensive rehabilitation therapy and on-site support for patients who require ongoing treatment.

After patients obtain their diagnosis, our therapists will conduct an assessment for design of a suitable treatment plan which incorporate suitable and appropriate healthcare measures, along with specialized treatment programs to enhance the recovery process.

Our physiotherapist assistants and occupational therapy assistants deliver the treatment according to the instructions of Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapy. Such arrangement reduces cost impacts on long term treatment for patients to ensure treatment can be delivered in the most cost effective and efficient approach. 


All service are arranged on a hourly basis.

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