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Health Care According to clients' individual needs, we will match the most suitable healthcare professionals and provide home care programmes from basic healthcare to special nursing care. Chronic patients and physical disable members (such as patients with stroke, dementia, surgical wounds, fractures) can comfortably stay at home while the service is delivered to you. Service area: • Daily home care (personal hygiene management, feeding, clinic accompany, mobility management, etc.) • Basic nursing care (pressure sore care, injection, transferring, wound care, sputum suction, etc.) • Tube care • Onsite healthcare at home, hospital or institution
Rehabilitation Treatment After diagnosis, physiotherapists or occupational therapists will conduct and design treatment plans, accompanied by suitable healthcare and exercises to assist recovery process. We also offer physiotherapy assistants and occupational therapy assistants who will follow up the treatment plan, reducing the budget of patients who need long-term treatment. Service area: • Physiotherapy (pain management, muscle training, improving mobility, etc.) • Occupational therapy (cognition training, parkinson's disease training) • Exercises therapy • Acupuncture, manual therapy
Elderly Care Our healthcare worker and patient care worker can take care of the elderly at home. Our nurse can provide special medical care to elderly with needs, and our physiotherapist and physiotherapy assistant can carry out rehabilitation treatment. This service is particularly applicable to elderly living alone or having chronic diseases. Elderly can also be taken care when their domestic helpers are on holidays. Service area: • Daily home care • Exercises • Cognition training • Escorting clinic visits
Hospital Discharge Service Assist family members in hospital discharge process and follow up with various home nursing care services, including on-site assessment for healthcare and rehabilitation, and design a suitable healthcare or rehabilitation plan. Service area: • Escorting • Medicine collection • Transportation
Maternal Infant Care We can offer professional pre-natal and post-natal care, and treatment plans for rehabilitation. Service area: • Pre and Post-natal care, post surgical care • Assist and coordinate the preparation and arrangement before and after delivery • Lactagogue • Prepere nutritional diets • Rehabilitation Provide services from basic infant care to special nursing care. Service area: • infant care (e.g. umbilical cord care) • Paediatric care (e.g. premature infant, special diseases) • Accompanying to clinics and vaccination.
Assessment Our team includes professionals such as registered nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, who can provide on-site clinical assessment services. This service is particularly applicable to post-surgical discharged patients, chronic patients, elderly, and physical disabilities. Professionals can assess the need for healthcare and rehabilitation, and design a tailor made healthcare or rehabilitation plan Assessment area : • Healthcare needs assessment • Household environment and safety assessment • Cognitive assessment • Balance assessment
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All professionals in our team hold certificates issued by government approved organisations.

Healthcare: Nurse Healthcare Worker Patient Care Worker Post-natal Care Worker

Rehabilitation: Physiotherapist Occupational therapist Physiotherapy Assistant Occupational Therapy Assistant

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All healthcare professionals have certificated qualifications and insurance arrangement.

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