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Mother's and Father's Day: 25%-off on Physiotherapy Service

Enjoy Physiotherapy service at home

Elderlies and people with needs may not be able to go out easily due to the pandemic or other factors. Lack of stretching and exercise may cause pain and stiffness in joints and muscles.

Book our on-site Physiotherapy sessions for you or your loved ones to help maintain and improve body's mobility!

On-site Physiotherapy service can help:
(1) Prevent degeneration of body functions
(2) Improve balance to prevent fall and injury
(3) Pain relief

Service include:
1. Rehabilitation treatment
2. Use of rehabilitation tools
3. Balance training, muscle strength training
4. Active exercise
5. Passive exercise
*If needed, you can arrange an assessment session with our Physiotherapist first

From now until 30 June, you can enjoy our Physiotherapy service at a discounted promotion for 25% Off!

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Call Mr. Vernon Wong at 25258486 or Signal/ WhatsApp +852-65141452 for more information
(In the case of any disputes, OK Care reserves the right of final decision.)