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OK Care present: Tuesday Osteoarthritis
For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you'll have seen our "What You Need to Know About Joint Health" every Tuesday. This series features physiotherapists sharing information on the structure of joints in different parts of the body, simple self-tests, and joint strengthening exercises that can be done in case of degeneration or inflammation.
2023 Mother's Day Special
It's Mother's Day 2023 and you may have already bought a gift to honour your mother. In addition to gifts, you can also arrange for an in-home physiotherapy session, health assessment (BBR) or purchase health care products to improve your mother's health and mobility!
Healthy Saturday
OK CARE is committed to taking good care of your health. We now welcome you to join us in our ‘Healthy Saturday’ event for three health checks, including bone density test, balance test and reaction test, all together at a discounted price of HKD99 per person!
Prenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy during your pregnancy is designed to prevent problems and to treat any aches and pains which occur as the pregnancy progresses.
Elderly Care Services at Home - Chronic Health Issues
Our Elderly Care Service is especially suitable for elderly who lives alone, has chronic health issues, or elderly who needs short-term care services. Through our one-stop-service of elderly care, we can help alleviate pressure of family members in taking care of the seniors, which is one of our main service goals.

Please feel free to contact us through WhatsApp via the following link

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Elderly Care
Elderly care is a topic that has attracted the attention of the society in recent years. Its definition is very broad, mainly according to age group and physical function to distinguish the degree of care required.

The following are some characteristics: 60 to 70 years old belong to the young elders, most of whom are just retired, so their mental, physical and working ability are still at a high level. At this stage, attention should be paid to maintenance so that the good state can be preserved.

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Our founder, Ada Yu, was invited as columnist of HomeMag@Clubhouses in providing health tips to its readers, who are residents of various properties in HK

If you have any questions, please seek advice from doctors or healthcare professionals
Dosmetic Helper is Having a Day Off... OK Care at Home Healthcare Service
Dosmetic helper is having a day off, no one is free to take care of the seniors at home.
OK Care provides comprehensive at home healthcare services like personal hygiene, manual handling, feeding, wound care and daily care.
We also provide basic home cleaning service, food delivery etc.

Our Healthcare Providers are available for 3-12 hours, day or night shifts depending on the customer's needs

Should you have any enquiries regarding our services, please feel free to contact us through WhatsApp via the link below:

Make a booking now

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Long-haul COVID Symptoms - Breathing Exercises
Long-haul COVID Symptoms are causing breathing issues like shortness of breath. We may try the following breathing exercises to help alleviate the symptoms, as well as trying perform light to medium intensity exercises to train up our physical fitness:

- Pursed Lip Breathing
- Diaphragmatic Breathing
- Positions of Breathing

If you have any questions, please seek advice from doctors or healthcare professionals

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Community Care Service Voucher
The cost of elderly care is rising constantly, but do you know that the Social Welfare Department has been organising the Community Care Service Voucher where eligible participants care get subsidised for up to $10,070

We have been one of the recognised service provider since 2020, specialising in door-to-door healthcare service at home.

We have 100 home service quotas for clients with different health care needs with high flexibility, for example day and night service, individualised elderly care plans individualised according to the medical needs of the client etc.

Our service covers all 18 districts of Hong Kong, working proactively to help elderly attain a better quality of life.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us through WhatsApp:

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Elderly Care - Escort Service to Hospital Health Check-up Sessions
A hospital check-up with an elderly may cost us one whole day
Yet, family members may find it difficult to find time to accompany seniors with busy schedules, while being worried if the senior can manage with the complicated registration procedures in the hospital.

OK Care Ltd provides escort service for elderly where we help with arranging transport service from home to hospital, assist with registration and procedures, as well as to ensure elderly's safety.

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Products We Sell on our E-Shop
Hydrotherm Electric Heat Pad
By absorbing moisture in the air, it produces heat with humidified effect
This promotes blood circulation, which can effectively relieve the pain and discomfort of muscles, neck, back and waist

OBUSFORME Low Back Backrest Support
The bracket is full of elasticity and restoring force, which can reduce the pressure on the spine by up to 35%. It can relieve and prevent back pain for those who are prone to back pain after working for a long time, and also helps users maintain correct sitting posture at all times

Polar Frost
Provides immediate pain relief
Mainly for soft tissue damage, tension, tense muscles, inflammation, arthritis, etc.
The aloe vera ingredient has anti-inflammatory effect and moisturizes the skin
The rolling design is easy to carry and use

OrthoSleeve WS6 Compression Wrist Sleeve
The unique Compression Zone Technology™ technology, which divides the wrist cuff into 6 different pressure zones according to the shape of the limbs, provides compression and stabilization effects for soft tissues, relieves pain, prevents injuries, and promotes recovery, etc.
Suitable symptoms: carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pain, arthritis, wrist tendinitis, mother hand

Sacroiliac Belt
Supports the pelvis and stabilizes the sacroiliac joint
suitable for all day use
It is suitable for postpartum disc bone joint relaxation and disc bone pain

Consult a healthcare professional such as a doctor or physiotherapist if you have any questions

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Elderly Care Services at Home
At busy time we may find it difficult to take care of the seniors at home with our busy schedules. OK Care home medical care services is to help you out!

We can provide the following medical services at your home:
- Medical care: Pressure sores management, injections, wound management, assisting medication
- Chest management
- Daily living: Mobilisation, personal hygiene, feeding, mouth care, massage
- Escort

If you have any questions please seek medical advice from a healthcare professional.

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Dysphagia - Problems in Swallowing: How Can We Help
Depending on the needs of the patient, speech therapists may provide the following treatment:
- Suggestions on appropriate seating position and swallowing
- Suggestions on appropriate meals and food textures guidance
- Training on relevant muscles for swallowing to help make improvements

The following suggestions can be performed to help promote safe ingestion among patients:
- Maintain a proper posture to facilitate eating
- Remind patients to eat slowly and focused, avoid eating while speaking
- Use appropriate cutlery to control each mouthful size
- Avoid eating food with mixed texture, for example Rice in Soup

Please seek medical advice if you have any questions

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What is Occupational Therapy?
Occupational therapy (OT) focuses on a person's functional needs and performance, which includes daily life, learning, work, social, sleep etc.
It aims on helping patients to return to their normal life, or to achieve functional goals with facilitation

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Physiotherapy Treatment for Fracture
For fracture patients, physiotherapist may use the following treatment methods:
- Suggestions on Weight Bearing - For example the use of walking aids
- Massage - To help alleviate swelling, promote blood circulation and recovery
- Tissue healing management - To maintain flexibility of the soft tissue and skin to avoid limitation on movements
- Ice or Heat therapy
- Exercise therapy - Stretching, strengthening, balance and coordination etc.
- Use of therapeutic devices like ultrasound, shockwave

Patients may use the following self-management skills:
- Ice therapy: To be applied in early stages of injury for 10-12 mins in every 1-2 hours
- Heat therapy: To be applied in middle to late stages of injury for 12-15mins for 3 times daily
- Perform the appropriate exercises and stretches according to the therapists' instructions
- Rest sufficiently
- Skin care: Check skin conditions and dressings regularly, maintain healthy skin condition
- Monitor signs and symptoms of unnormal inflammation - Redness, swelling, heat and pain

Please seek medical advice from healthcare professionals
Pain Management
There are different ways to relieve pain:
Pain killer - To be taken regularly in accordance to the instructions.
Heat therapy - Using tools like warm wet towel, Hydrotherm Heat Pad and apply to pain area for approximately 10-15mins, 2-3 times daily
Relaxation training - e.g. Yoga, Breathing Exercise, Meditation
Light to moderate intensity exercises - e.g. Swimming
Rest sufficiently
Monitor your pain symptoms - Please seek medical advice if sleeping quality is affected, or the severity is worsened

Please seek medical advice if you have any questions

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What are the Physiotherapy Treatment Options that We Can Get at Home
There are actually a lot of physiotherapy treatment options that can be performed at home, for example:
- Exercise Therapy: To increase muscle strength, coordination, posture and flexibility
- Manual Therapy: To improve joint alignment
- Ultrasound: Decrease inflammation, reduce pain
- TENS: To help reduce pain
- Magnetizer: To promote recovery
- Heat therapy: To promote blood circulation, reduce muscle stress
- Infrared therapy: To promote recovery in soft tissues

Please seek advice from your physiotherapist if you have any questions

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Benefits of Having At-home Physiotherapy Service
<What are the Benefits of Having At-home Physiotherapy Service>
- Not needing to commute to clinics/ Health centres for physiotherapy
- More comfortable environment
- Privacy and hygiene ensured
- Flexible service combinations: Physiotherapists to assess and establish treatment plans, then handing over to physiotherapy assistants for follow-up

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Management of neck and shoulder pain by physiotherapy and postural strap
Nowadays with the overwhelming use of electronic device, maintaining a good posture is harder ever. Slouching posture at neck and shoulder leads to muscle fatigue, neurological pain, back pain as well as spinal dysfunction. Physiotherapy and postural strap will help.
Management of Lower back pain by OBUSFORME LOWBACK BACKREST SUPPORT
Sitting for prolonged periods of time can be a major cause of back pain, usage of OBUSFORME LOWBACK BACKREST SUPPORT provides extra back support.