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How long does it take to heal a fracture?

Recovery after a fracture is usually divided into 4 stages:


1. First 2-3 days: Blood accumulation, inflammation and swelling
In this period of time, repairing cells are highly concentrated at the fracture site.


2. 2-3 weeks: Formation of Cartilages
Blood clots in the fracture site slowly coagulate and form a protective layer

Cartilage begins to form where the bone has been broken, 'moulding' the bone for subsequent recovery


3. Months 2-3: Hard bone formation
The body begins to build up calcium around the 'mould' to grow back hard bones in its original state


4. 1-3 years: Remodeling period
Bones have largely recovered, but not fully restored to their original state – doctors and therapists recommend continued rehabilitation to strengthen bone structures


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