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OK Care's New Online Store is Officially Launched

OK Care's New Online Store is Officially Launched

OK Care's new online store is officially launched, including a variety of health care products and service portfolios, suitable for people of all ages who pursue health. On Father's Day, enter the promotion code "DAD2022" at checkout to enjoy 10% off the entire order. For details, please visit the following website 

Polar Frost Cryotherapy Cream - Roll-On Carry
Office workers are busy with work, sit and use computers for a long time, their muscles are stressed for a long time, or are in a fixed and tense state, such as sitting for a long time, hunched back, and leaning the body. The flexibility deteriorates, the range of motion of the joints is reduced, and even the body is stiff and causes pain. Therefore, muscle aches and joint pains often occur, which is commonly known as "office pain".

NEM Wise Nutrition™ Osteogen – Natural Eggshell Membrane
The most common cause of joint pain is due to arthritis, which may be a phenomenon of original, chronic strain or degenerative joints, with varying degrees of pathology. Long-term arthritis can cause joint stiffness and reduced mobility, most commonly affecting the knees, hips, spine, and hands. The main patients with arthritis are usually people over the age of 40 or the elderly. If you want to effectively treat and improve the condition, you can try supplements specifically for joint nutrition.

Biocinalis+ : Neuronal
Symptoms such as numbness, needle sticks, labor pains, burning, ant bites, etc., can be symptoms of nerve cord problems that can be disturbing and even interfere with daily activities. Clinical studies have confirmed that Nucleotides (nucleotides) are one of the nutrients needed by patients with neuralgia. It plays a key role in participating in neuromodulation activities. It can not only induce a variety of cell signaling pathways, thereby repairing damaged nerves in large quantities, and speeding up Regeneration speed, so it has a certain relief effect for patients suffering from neuralgia.

Nutra Solution for Heart & Bone – Vitamin K2+D3 Formula
Low bone density can easily lead to fractures. A slight fall or sprain may be unimaginable, and the recovery time for fractures is long, usually ranging from several months to a year, causing inconvenience in daily life. The elderly, women (especially postmenopausal women), thin, smokers or heavy drinkers are all high-risk groups. It is recommended to receive regular bone mineral density examinations to monitor and prescribe appropriate medicines in advance, hoping to prevent osteoporosis from affecting daily life.

Nutra Solution - Krill Oil Antarctic Krill Oil
According to the latest information, heart disease and cerebrovascular disease have become the third and fourth killer diseases in Hong Kong. Early management and improvement of cardiovascular health can help reduce related risks. Medical research has proven that Omega 3 has significant effects on cardiovascular health. In addition, the intake of Omega-3 also helps to reduce the incidence and severity of inflammation, reduce inflammatory factors in the body, and fight back inflammation-related joint pain. Replacing painkillers with Omega-3 to relieve joint pain can help reduce dependence on anti-inflammatory painkillers that can damage the stomach and kidneys.

Office workers, when sitting for a long time, often flex their body or shift their center of gravity to one side, or use repetitive movements such as computers, which will put pressure on some vertebral joints, and cause chronic lumbar spine or disc bone dislocation, pressing the spine. Bone nerves and muscles can cause problems such as shoulder pain, numbness of hands and feet, sciatica and disc herniation. In addition to affecting mobility, it will also affect other bodily functions. To improve sedentary posture, you can use appropriate auxiliary tools to improve sitting posture and disperse body pressure, so as to reduce the burden on the spine and chronic strain.

HYDROTHERM Professional Moist heat Pad
Applying is a commonly used treatment method. The increase in temperature causes the blood vessels to expand, thereby increasing the local blood circulation, increasing the metabolic rate of the injured area, and enhancing the self-healing power of the tissue. In addition, hot compresses can also increase the extensibility of soft tissues, and improve joint stiffness and muscle tightening, so as to relieve pain and relax emotions. Medical thermal blankets can release humidity, greatly increase the penetration of heat, reach deeper muscles and joint tissues, increase blood circulation, improve the softness of soft tissues, especially for degenerative problems, to achieve pain relief and muscle relaxation Effect.
The benefits of heat compresses include:
(1) Promote blood circulation
(2) Relieve muscle pain
(3) Eliminate fatigue
(4) Promote tissue healing
(5) Relieve muscle spasms
(6) Improve the range of motion of joints
(7) Reduce chronic inflammatory conditions

OrthoSleeve WS6 Pressure Wrist Sleeve
The pressure of LYCRA elastic fiber can be maintained for 6 months, which is more durable than general pressure products. When worn, the pressure sleeve can change shape with the movement of the body, so it is not easy to shift and is more comfortable. Latex-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic. Breathable and comfortable, even if you wear it for a long time, you won't feel burnt. Provides active therapy; allows the user to maintain normal daily activities. Thin and thin, does not affect clothing and appearance

Sacroiliac Belt
Support the pelvis and fix the sacroiliac joints. The double compression design is adopted to compress the sacroiliac joints circularly, thereby stabilizing the sacroiliac joints. Suitable for all day use. Available in 3 sizes (Size: S / M / L).
*** Indications: Postpartum pelvic joint laxity, pelvic pain