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【Smart & Healthy Living】OK Care x HealthyU

OK CARE provides a series of health talks to different organizations including community centers, elderly centers, charities, non-profit organizations, private companies, etc. during the year. Physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals have delivered health information to the public. The seminars are diverse and include fun activities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

On April 20, OK Care's Founder and Registered Physiotherapist, Ms. Ada YU Wing-cheung, together with Prof. CHOI Kam-fai from the School of Public Health and Primary Care of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, organized a Healthy School Talk at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to explore the relationship between pain and osteoporosis, and to learn about the assessment and management of chronic pain. In this seminar, Ms. YU Wing-cheung, a physiotherapist, provided a series of advice to the participants on the prevention and management of pain and osteoporosis. She analyzed the causes of low back, shoulder, neck and knee pain and shared the corresponding treatments and procedures. These valuable suggestions could help participants to address these common problems and minimize the impact of pain on their daily lives. In addition, the seminar also provided an opportunity for participants to interact with the panelists. They could ask questions and seek professional advice and answers from the experts. This interactive exchange not only helped participants gain a deeper understanding of pain and osteoporosis, but also provided more personalized solutions and treatment guidance.

The seminar put the health issues of pain and osteoporosis in a wider context, demonstrating the importance of physiotherapy in the prevention and management of the diseases. Participants were able to gain valuable knowledge and practical tips from professionals to enhance their health awareness, prevent the onset of pain and effectively manage existing health problems.