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Post Natal Rehabilitation

Treatment :

Ante/ post pregnancy Stretch Marks Reduction Treatment

About 85% of pregnant women will develop stretch marks by their third trimester. Postnatal stretch marks is prone to accumulate such as breasts,
hips, arms and thighs, and especially abdomen
Ultrasound can help reduce the appearance of post-pregnancy stretch marks.

Post-natal Body Toning Treatment

After giving birth, abdominal muscles were stretched and spread apart due to change in hormone level. About one-third of pregnant women experience loosen abdominal muscle and loosen pelvic floor muscle.
Appyling electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) can help increase muscle density and train muscle definition. It can suitable for muscle toning and pelvic floor muscle tightening.

Post-Pregnancy Water Retention Relief Treatment

The body may retain fluid after delivery due to the increase of progesterone.
Post-natal swelling causes swollen face, arms, or legs.
Digital compression therapy can help stimulate the lymphatic system, and also improves blood circulation and oxygen transport over the whole body. The system effectively drain fluids out of your limbs. It can be applied at Waist, arm, thigh, calf.

Professional Body Composition Analysis

A professional body composition analysis can give you a clear picture of your health and fitness level. It helps you identify areas to work on to improve your overall health and wellness.
Assessment include analysis of:
✓ Fat mass
✓ Lean mass
✓ Muscle mass
✓ Protein mass
✓ Mineral mass
✓ Intra and extra cellular water
✓ Body cell mass

Breast Massage and Lymphatic Drainge

Breast discomfort will be caused by various conditions during lactation. Massage of breast and treatment to improve lymphatic drainage over under arm area will help to improve the symptoms. The treatment will include hand massage and ultrasound therapy to the breast, upper chest and under arm area.

Pain Treatment (legs and back / shoulders and arm)

Joint and muscle pain are common discomfort during late stage of pregnancy and during nursing the baby. Many pregnant moms suffer from low back pain and sciatica during pregnancy. After giving birth, shoulder, arm and wrist pain ( De Quavain Disease) are caused by breast feeding and carrying the baby. Anti-inflammatory treatment by ultrasound therapy, manual therapy to improve muscle relaxation and repositioning of joints involved will help moms to speed up recovery.

The course of treatment is provided by professional rehabilitation assistants with physical therapy equipment, including but not limited to the below:

Ultrasound Therapy

Activate your body’s natural wound healing process to treat scar tissues by stimulation of collagen production.
Low frequency ultrasound waves penetrate layered fat cells and the heat energy
emitted will stimulate the production of collagen, thus tightening the skin.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) induces electric impulses to stimulate the muscles. It enhances circulation of the nervous system to contract and activate muscle thus helps you tone and strengthen your muscles.
Stimulate and tone muscles
✓ Improve loosen abdominal muscles due to child birth (e.g., Diastasis Recti)
✓ Strengthen core muscle: Help protect the spine and reduce chance of injury
✓ Fat-reducing

Digital Compression Therapy

The air compression therapy is effective in improving blood circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system. While enhancing body metabolism, it helps the delivery oxygen level in blood throughout the whole body.
Reduce lymphedema (water retention)
✓ Remove cellulites
✓ Improving blood circulation
✓ Preventing deep vein thrombosis