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How to relieving pain at home
Ms Ada Yu talks about how to keeping daily care at home.
Pilot Scheme on Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly
With the approval of the Social Welfare Department, elderly can receive government-subsidized home care service from Okay Healthcare up to 95%
Effectively relieve pain - kids
Okay Healthcare shares kid's exercise on Facebook
Effectively relieve pain - elderly
Okay Healthcare shares elderly exercise on Facebook
Effectively relieve pain - employees
Okay Healthcare shares work from home friendly exercise on Facebook
Stroke and Rehabilitation Series - Upgraded Training Guide
Okay Healthcare shares stroke related information on Facebook
Stroke and Rehabilitation Series - Training Guide
Okay Healthcare shares stroke related information on Facebook
Stroke and Rehabilitation Treatment Service Part 3
Okay Healthcare shares stroke related information on Facebook
Stroke and Rehabilitation Treatment Service Part 2
Okay Healthcare shares stroke related information on Facebook
Stroke and Rehabilitation Treatment Service Part 1
How daily posture affect foot health
Ms Ada Yu talks about the importance of having good posture and keeping foot healthy.
How to choose suitable shoes for exercise and hiking?
Ms Ada Yu shares tips on how to choose appropriate shoes for exercise to avoid injury.
Cyberport Interview 【Let us take care of your health】
Ms Yu shares the application of technology in combating Coronavirus at Braving the Epidemic interview in Cyberport.
Exercise for wearing high heels
Ms. Yu talks about the impacts on feet wearing high heels long-term and demonstrates related exercises to relieve foot pain.
Getting good health in 100 days
Ms. Yu shares advice on changing your bad habits and gaining good health in 100 days on Sing Pao Column today.
10-minute Rapid Screening Test
In this critical period, besides daily personal epidemic prevention measures, we must also take the initiative to receive appropriate treatment.

To support braving the epidermic, Okay Healthcare offers preventive screening test of coronavirus to help relieve of workload in Hospitals as well as providing support to the community.

Through rapid screening test, it can help reduce the risk of community outbreaks.
MIND Diet slows cognitive decline with aging
The Rush University Medical Center in the United States merged the two dietary patterns of the “Mediterranean Diet” and the “Dash Diet” into a “MIND Diet” in 2015. The diet has a good preventive effect on cognitive impairment and neurodegeneration.

After 5 years of follow-up research, it is found that the elderly who follow the MIND diet have reduced risk of developing mild cognitive impairment (which is associated with Alzheimer’s), also, they are 7.5 cognitive years younger on average.
More on Reminiscence Therapy
Our previous post was on Dementia, this post we would like to talk about Reminiscence Therapy, a method frequently used to treat Dementia.
Physiotherapist starting an online health care platform
Okay Healthcare Founder - Ms Yu was invited by Hong Kong Economic Times to share her experience on starting the Okay Healthcare app and its development.
More on Physiotherapy
Physiotherapists help restore body’s function and movement when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.
Singing strengthens the immune system
According to research conducted by the University of Frankfurt, singing can boost the immune system.
Finding the perfect match via technology
Okay Healthcare member - Janice shared technology and matching.
The topic is "Finding the perfect match via technology".
Braving the epidemic
As part of the community and Cyberport start up, our outreach healthcare service provides a professional and safe alternative in taking care for you and your loved ones anytime anywhere through booking on our app and website portal.
5 work from home tips
People have been working from home in the past few weeks, and may have various degree of shoulder, neck, chest and hand pain, and this may be attributed to extended time in using laptop and mobile phones. Moreover, there are no formal office chair equipment in the home, which can worsen neck posture, and lead to rounded back or even numbness.
How high heels affect your body?
Ms Yu shares advice on foot conditions associated with wearing high heels and how to alleviate symptoms.
Coronavirus Prevention Strategies
Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils to enhance psychological and physical well being.
Five types of weight loss foods
Choose the right food for less weight gain
New year's resolution for a healthy 2020
Okay Healthcare member - Janice shared「Make a New Year's resolution for your health」on the Sing Pao Column today.
What is Phantom Limb Pain?
Amputees sometimes experience unpleasant sensations such as pins and needles, cramping and pain in the amputated limb; even though the limb is not physically existing anymore.
5 Ways to motivate yourself to exercise
Here are some tips that you may find helpful to motivate yourself to exercise after work.
Exercising in middle age - prevention of knee damage
Ms Yu shares advice on exercising in middle age.
Sweet potato diet
Sweet potatoes are low-calorie, low-fat and satiety foods. The following three ways to have sweet potatoes are more beneficial for weight loss.
Rehabilitation for ski injury
Ms. Yu shares her advice for skiing enthusiasts in Sing Pao Column today.
The topic is "Rehabilitation Treatment for ski injury"
Virtual reality therapy
Virtual reality therapy is gaining popularity recently. Can it be used for stroke rehabilitation?
Christmas Movies
Want to stay at home during Christmas?
We have sorted out a list of classic Christmas movies for you to enjoy a warm festive season!
Christmas special - GM Diet Plan in 7 days
Okay Healthcare member - Janice shared some Slimming Tips on the Sing Pao Column today.
The topic is "Christmas special - GM Diet Plan in 7 days"
Cyberport Smart-Space Lunch Gathering
OK Care joined Cyberport Smart-Space Lunch Gathering yesterday. The topic was "How to survive in economic Downturn by leveraging e-commerce".
Leg pain Prevention Tips
Follow the exercise demonstration and tips to soothe your leg pain after a long excursion.
Ming Pao Article
Elderly home visit event held jointly with Rotary Club of Queensway.
What is HIIT?
HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is a form of cardio exercise that is done in short intense bursts.
Supermami Interview
'' Exercise for managing shoulder and neck pain”
Swollen Feet Prevention Tips
Here are 4 tips to prevent you from getting swollen feet when you are travelling for more than 4 hours.
Supermami Interview
'' Shoulder and Neck pain Prevention Tips”
Supermami Interview
'' Shoulder and Neck Pain - Cause and management of shoulder and neck pain”
Travel Safety Tips
Ms. Yu shares a reminder for traveling outside in Sing Pao Column today.
The topic is "Travel safety Tips".
am730 newspaper interview
Okay Healthcare Founder- Ada and Okay Healthcare team member – Janice were invited to introduce the treatments for stroke and rehabilitation period.
Increase company awareness by CSR
OK Care members - Janice shares the potential benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility in Sing Pao Column today
The topic is 「Increase the company awareness by CSR 」
World Diabetes Day
Today is World Diabetes Day, diabetes mellitus remained as one of the top ten that causes of death in Hong Kong!
Capital Entrepreneurs Magazine Interview
Okay Healthcare Founder- Ada and CTO- Louis were invited to share their experience and views on the opportunities that the Greater Bay Area policy brings to enterprises.
Ageing in Place
Ms. Yu shares the Ageing in Place Tips in Sing Pao Column today.
The topic is 「Ageing in Place Tips:Build up the perfect house」
Cyberport Venture Capital Forum 2019
Stroke x Osteoporosis
Golden 365 Period
Stroke Prevention Tips
Today is World Stroke Day! The main causes of stroke are smoking, high blood pressure, and vascular sclerosis, so the best way to prevent stroke is to develop healthy living habits
World Osteoporosis Day
【Epidemic Disease – Osteoporosis】
World Osteoporosis Day takes place every year on 20th October. Fracture often goes unnoticed since the Osteoporosis may be obscured.
To reduce the osteoporosis risk, we can start from doing exercise, balanced diet with sufficient calcium and vitamin D intake to protect the bones.
Radio Interview
OK Care founder – Ada Yu was invited to have an interview on the radio programme “Famous Brands Hong Kong” at Metro Finance Radio, to share the OK Care process development and further development.
OK Care members - Janice shares the story of a family in Sing Pao Column today
The topic is 「Accompany is the best care for your family 」
OK Health Column
OK Care shares the recurrent Heart Disease Story on 02/10.
The topic is 「Heart Disease return !? (Part 2)」that is related to the last topic「Heart Disease return !? (Part 1)」
Immortal Cancer-Chronic Pain (Part 1) : Neck & Shoulder Pain
Injury to the soft tissues including muscles, ligaments and tendons is the most common cause of shoulder and neck pain.
Radio Interview
We are pleased to be interviewed by RTHK radio programme「一桶金」, to share OK Care mobile app
development and analysis of the current medical market demand.
Chronic Pain - The Myths
Chronic Pain - The Myths
Put aside your work, get back the life drive
What is chronic pain
Taking Control of Chronic Pain
World Physical Therapy Day Special Offer Up to $800
It will be World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September, we are now offering a special discount for you.
By purchasing physiotherapy outreach service/ service in clinic, you can enjoy a maximum discount of HK $800 for the initial treatment.
The discount is valid until 31 March 2020.
World PT Day - Taking Control of Pain
OK Health Column
【OK Health Column】
OK Care shares the recurrent Heart Disease Story
The topic is 「Heart Disease return !?」
Corporate Wellness
Sport for all day
Seize the golden period for physical therapy for effective stroke rehabilitation
Ms Yu share information on the golden period of stork rehabilitation.